Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 2009

We went to the mimai sea aquireram.

I missed him blowing out the candles. It was a great day. 7 can you belive it.

Crayden wanted a indiana Jones cake for his birthday cake. truned out pretty good.

Crayden Brennen Magdalyn and Kadlyn, already for school.

Maggie started today Wednesday 8/19/2009 She had to have EVERY thing in PINK.

Kids and Mike at wannado city. Kadlyn is a blue butterfly, Magdalyn is a pink princess, and Crayden is spiderman. Brennen was in the bakery, making cookies.

Brennen and Crayden started school on Tuesday. I think they were excited.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Amanda Runs Her 1/2 Marathon

Amanda ran her 1/2 Marathon today 13.1 miles. Her time was 02:54:48
Pace: 13:20/mile
Place, Overall: 7812 Gender: 3959

There were a little over 15,000 participants we are all very proud of her.

The Beginning

With her friend Michelle!

Almost There!

I Did it!

The Medal!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The McMillan's Year In Review Video

I have connected!

A larger version of this video is available here;

Flash Version here:

This video is a run down of the year for us.

Mike is in the office with Horton Jones Elec. The job at times keeps his stress level up, but he enjoys coming home and spending time with the family. He is the song leader in the primary and this year at the primary program the kids sang loud and clear. He is also a Cub Master over the wolves and bears.

I for one am still training for a half marathon. With Janaury coming the date is getting closer. The kids keep me busy and I enjoy every minute of it. I am still doing hair on the side. One of my gals has said that I am now a true Floridian because I finally took the time to get my Florida Cosmetology licence.

Brennen, who is 7, is enjoying the 2nd grade. He is a great help around the house. And some day wants to go hunting, he'll have to hook up with grandpa for that one.

Crayden, who is 6, is enduring the 1st grade. He likes it and spells everything, so that I will understand what he is saying, "Like I don't know what he is saying already." As you can tell spelling conversations are out with Mike and I.

Magdalyn, enjoyed having her 4th birthday. She is doing gymnastics. It comes natural for her. Her favorite past time is to rule the T.V. She loves playing with her sister and loves her daddy very much.

Kadlyn, 20 months old loves getting up in the morning. She always has a smile for you. Mom has not blessed her with a hair cut yet because her hair curls in the back. I Just can't seem to make myself cut them off she is our first to have curls. As always she is into every thing. Saying more words. Her favorite is "NO" which means "Yes".

As a family this year we enjoyed a trip to Quincy Washington, Mike's Mom and Grandma. We were there for a week Then headed down to my mom and dads, there we never stopped moving, every one was in town. The kids enjoyed seeing family and getting to know the ones they'd never met and to know the ones they had better. I'm grateful Mike went with us. Our first real family vacation. It was awesome.

Just so you can mark your calendars Brennen will be turning 8 on the 24th of May that is a Sunday and wants to be baptized. The invite is out for every one. Feel free to save up and come on down.